Breathing a huge sigh of relief!

Five weeks ago I met with a genetic counselor to discuss the possibility that I have genetic mutations for ovarian and breast cancer.  You’ve probably heard of the BRCA mutation.  There are actually 25 (!) mutations for breast and ovarian cancer.  This stuff is as scary as can be because my children would be at risk for a number of different cancers (not to mention that I would be at greatly increased risk for breast cancer).  My daughter is only 21 years old and not married  yet.  The thought that she would have to rush into childbearing and then have a prophylactic mastectomy and hysterectomy made me physically ill.  My son would have to be on the alert for pancreatic and colon cancer.  Pancreatic cancer is even scarier than ovarian cancer!

It took four long, long weeks, but the results came in today and I’m in the clear!!  I don’t have any of the mutations for which they tested!!  When the counselor called and gave me the news I was so happy and relieved I began to cry.  I couldn’t wait to call W and tell him the news.  When I reached him he gave the biggest sigh of relief I’ve ever heard.  Even now I am crying with relief and happiness.  I’m so very thankful that my kids don’t have that worry hanging over their heads.  They’ll always have to have regular checkups but they should be doing that anyway.  The specter of ovarian cancer will always be there but hopefully it stops right here and now with me.  Those of you who are parents know that if your child is sick you want to take it on yourself so they don’t suffer.  I’m thankful for this gift.


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