Has It Really Been This Long?

I just looked at my last blog post and it’s obvious I’ve been lacking in commitment.  I haven’t posted since July!  And let me tell you, there’s been a ton of stuff going on!  So here is quick list:

  1.  Our daughter and her boyfriend of three years got engaged on July 31st.
  2.  I finished chemo on August 18.
  3. A wedding venue, caterer, florist, photographer and a dress have all been chosen and at least partially paid for.
  4. I had a CT scan of my chest, abdomen and pelvis on September 14 and of course I was quite anxious about it.  I got a phone call from my doctor’s office on September 15 saying that my scan was 100% clear!  I burst into tears and started making phone calls.
  5. I saw my gyno/oncologist on September 25 and she said my scan was so completely clear there isn’t even anything on it for her to watch:  no nodules, no thickenings, nothing at all!  She declared me to be in remission!  More happy phone calls were made!
  6. My husband took an early retirement buyout from his company and is enjoying some time off before he gets an IT consulting job for a year or so.
  7. My son turned 28 and my youngest grandson turned one.  I celebrated a birthday last week and W and I went to Florida so that we could visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios.  That led to us spending a day at Disney World and a visit to our niece in South Miami and her family, where we had the most wonderful time.

So that’s the short version of a lot of what’s happened in the past three months.  I’m well and happy.  I try not to think about recurrence.  I can’t do one damned thing to keep it from happening so I don’t want to think about it or worry about it.  When it comes into my mind I do my best to push it away.  I’m also trying to catch up on things I didn’t do this year because I didn’t feel well.  My energy level is pretty good but I need a lot of sleep:  about nine or ten hours a night.  An eight hour night is too short. I do what I can and I sleep as much as I need to.  I’m so grateful to be healthy again.  That was my overwhelming feeling the day I found out my scan was clear:  the deepest possible gratitude.  I cried all that afternoon.  I still tear up readily, get tired easily and have joint stiffness and pain that need to be figured out but I can manage it all.  I promise to write more in the near future  because there are still stories to be told.


One thought on “Has It Really Been This Long?

  1. Linda, what a great report! You’ve obviously had a very full schedule for the last several months, but this is a very encouraging, uplifting update! Great news!!


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