Thirty-Six Hours of Grandkids

Our grandsons, C and J, are four and a half and almost two.  We love them so much and one or both of us babysit them twice a week.  On Friday we got to have them overnight.  C was so excited that he asked to skip preschool and come to our house in the morning (that made us feel really good).  My husband went up, hung out with them until time for little J to take a nap and then put them in the car for the 75 minute drive.  Meanwhile I was restoring the kitchen to a semblance of order after our granite countertops were installed.  There was kitchen stuff everywhere.  I made sure all the cabinet latches were in place and that the bleach was put up on a high shelf in the laundry room.  Then I was ready.

C wanted to see the new Ghostbusters movie so he and I went to that in the afternoon.  It was the first time I’d taken him to a movie.  It was really fun.  The first couple of ghosts were a little scary and then it was all a lot of laughs.  We ate popcorn and drank sodas and had a blast.  Then it was back home for dinner and more family time.

The little ones settled down around ten and I heard them up again at 8 a.m.  Not bad.  They were both in good moods and their aunt R fixed them breakfast.  C asked if we would buy him a toy and we headed out to shop for toys for both of them.  Then we had lunch at McDonald’s (please don’t tell me how awful it is, I know).

At some point during lunch I got a strong flash of deja vu when I realized that my purse had filled up with all kinds of little kid things.  This is what the contents of my purse usually look like:

IMG_5821The black pouch holds my makeup bag and wallet.  I keep my purse cleaned out and I can move the pouch from one bag to another (my husband was so mystified by “the purse for [my] purse” when he first saw it).  Easy peasy.  This is what the contents of my purse resembled early this afternoon:IMG_5820Yes, that’s Play Doh (part of the toy we bought for J).  And apples from McDonald’s a Ghostbusters pin and candy from the movie, etc.  When I stuffed the apples in my purse I realized that I had reverted to “mom mode.”  It made me laugh.  I’m happy to have my children grown and happy, productive citizens.  I enjoy my empty nester life with my husband.  But for thirty-six exhausting, wonderful hours I can enjoy the days of little kids in my life once again, and that is one of the best things ever.


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